Championship survival game

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Championship survival game

Post by Dannyboy2890 on Mon Sep 24, 2007 9:12 pm

Rules Straight from the Premiership version:
I've seen this play many times on other forums and would just like to get it started here. The rules are you add one point to your favorite team you want to stay in the game and subtract a point from the team you want out. Add only one point and subtract only one and you can only vote once within the same hour. It's just for fun, you can vote on skill or love or hatred however you please, just obey the rules it's just for fun.Signify who you voted for.

Barnsley (10)
Blackpool (10)
Bristol City (10)
Burnley (10)
Cardiff (10)
Charlton (10)
Colchester (10)
Coventry (10)
Crystal Palace (10)
Hull (10)
Ipswich (10)
Leicester (10)
Norwich (10)
Plymouth (10)
Preston (10)
QPR (10)
Scunthorpe (10)
Sheff Utd (10)
Sheff Wed (10)
Southampton (10)
Stoke (10)
Watford (10)
West Brom (10)
Wolverhampton (10)
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